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WO-2012161330-A1: Antifogging article and process for producing same patent, WO-2013153623-A1: Power switching device patent, WO-2014156327-A1: Martensite steel patent, WO-2015133265-A1: Method for correcting measurement error and device for measuring electronic component characteristics patent, WO-2016042813-A1: Seated passenger protection device patent, WO-2016098518-A1: GaN SUBSTRATE patent, WO-2016181439-A1: Mounting device and mounting method patent, WO-2017179585-A1: Drive motor for opening and closing body patent, WO-2004091350-A1: Method and device for manufacturing sound absorbing carpet patent, WO-2005090273-A1: Method for producing alcohol compound patent, WO-2007083682-A1: Card toy patent, WO-2007123012-A1: Glass for illumination lamp patent, WO-2009153971-A1: Recording system, information update method, and program patent, WO-2010061589-A1: Sputtering device patent, WO-2011061855-A1: Wireless communication apparatus, system and retransmission control method patent, WO-2012105668-A1: Method for producing polarizing laminated film and double-sided polarizing laminated film patent, WO-2013072961-A1: Temperature sensor and apparatus patent, WO-2013099365-A1: Apparatus for refining semiconductor or metal patent, WO-2013145968-A1: Contact type internal temperature instrument patent, WO-2014050101-A1: Portable communication terminal patent, WO-2014155434-A1: Vehicle patent, WO-2014181554-A1: Inkjet printer patent, WO-2016006499-A1: Imaging device patent, WO-2016111266-A1: Position detecting device patent, WO-2016133052-A1: Game device, control method, and computer-readable recording medium patent, WO-2016170897-A1: Medical device and operating method for medical device patent, WO-2016170964-A1: Styrene-based foamed sheet and shaped object obtained therefrom patent, WO-2016189956-A1: Electric device and method for manufacturing electric device patent, WO-2016194310-A1: Terminal device and communication method patent, WO-2016194932-A1: Magnetic compound and antenna patent, WO-2017002383-A1: Opthalmologic microscope system patent, WO-2017082208-A1: Power transmitting device patent, WO-2017199948-A1: Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device patent, WO-2004037452-A1: Equipment and method for washing parts patent, WO-2004100195-A1: Electrochemical capacitor patent, WO-2005030416-A1: Alloy colloidal particle, alloy colloidal solution and method for producing same, and supporting body to which alloy colloidal particle is fixed patent, WO-2006075703-A1: Recording device, recording method, and computer program patent, WO-2007000853-A1: Bell type coating device patent, WO-2009098820-A1: Network switch, path setting method and program patent, WO-2009144898-A1: Photoelectric conversion element patent, WO-2010134441-A1: Optical display device manufacturing system and manufacturing method patent, WO-2010137736-A1: Hot-dip al-zn plated steel sheet patent, WO-2011135882-A1: Paper processing apparatus patent, WO-2012014620-A1: Autoanalyzer patent, WO-2012086809-A1: Accurate and highly sensitive method for measuring activity of human fgf19 and agent for regulating activity of human fgf19 patent, WO-2016103306-A1: Overlay welding device patent, WO-2016103530-A1: Novel antioxidant patent, WO-2016110940-A1: Financial product transaction system, financial product transaction method, communication terminal device, server device, computer program, and server computer program patent, WO-2016121900-A1: Herbicide composition patent, WO-03105707-A1: Resectoscope patent, WO-2004089918-A1: Heteroaromatic pentacyclic compound and medicinal use thereof patent, WO-2011135685-A1: Electric movable body patent, WO-2013088876-A1: Currency note deposit/withdrawal device and currency note processing device patent, WO-2014199426-A1: Traveling toy and traveling toy set patent, WO-2015019758-A1: Coating material composition for adjusting refractive index and laminate thereof patent, WO-2015098232-A1: Method for processing electrical/electronic component scraps patent, WO-2016203762-A1: Crypto-information creation device, crypto-information creation method, recording medium, and collation system patent, WO-2017168886-A1: Tire vulcanization mold apparatus patent, WO-2017170469-A1: Method for quantifying amino acid and amino acid quantification kit patent, WO-2005050748-A1: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same patent, WO-2005105742-A1: Processes for producing 1-benzyl-4-[(5,6-dimethoxy-1­indanon)-2-yl]methylpiperidine and hydrochloride thereof patent, WO-2005115054-A1: Supersonic transducer and manufacturing method thereof patent, WO-2006041125-A1: Method of hemopurifier sterilization and hemopurifier package patent, WO-2007007437-A1: Sub-content distributing system and sub-content distributing method using the system patent, WO-2008142929-A1: Method of controlling nox purification system and nox purification system patent, WO-2009044732-A1: Adhesive composition, circuit connecting material using the same, method for connecting circuit members, and circuit connection structure patent, WO-2009122828-A1: Granule of powder coated with oil-and-fat patent, WO-2010016332-A1: Communication device, communication method, and program patent, WO-2011158383-A1: Electric shock absorber patent, WO-2013018449-A1: Radiating device, light-emitting device, illumination device, and vehicle headlight patent, WO-2013021838-A1: Surface protection film patent, JP-2006157674-A: Temperature compensated crystal oscillator patent, WO-2013051693-A1: Cosmetic device for hair treatment and skin conditioning patent, WO-2013115003-A1: Scroll-type fluid machine patent, WO-2013137231-A1: Railroad rail track pad and cross-linked foam patent, WO-2015118841-A1: Video encoding device, video encoding method, and program patent, WO-2016111024-A1: Engine valve with ceramic coating layer patent, WO-2017057115-A1: Flexible printed circuit board for solenoid coil, solenoid coil, and wearable device patent, WO-2004059987-A1: Image pickup device and method patent, WO-2006059485-A1: Electrode catalyst for fuel cell, electrode for fuel cell and fuel cell patent, WO-2006073116-A1: Video encoding method and device, video decoding method and device, program thereof, and recording medium containing the program patent, WO-2007018116-A1: Conductive laminate patent, WO-2009102077-A1: Carbon nanotube rubber composition, wiring, electroconductive paste, electronic circuit, and process for producing the carbon nanotube rubber composition patent, WO-2009113341-A1: Syringe pump and method of controlling the same patent, WO-2009147917-A1: Method for manufacturing oxygen-containing halogenated fluoride patent, WO-2012042659-A1: Communication system, server, terminal, and terminal control method patent, WO-2012117789-A1: Polishing pad patent, WO-2012165386-A1: Pneumatic tire patent, WO-2013115383-A1: Phase modulation device and laser microscope patent, WO-2013145694-A1: Wafer for forming imaging element, method for manufacturing solid imaging element, and imaging element chip patent, WO-2014148228-A1: Cell pack and electrical device patent, WO-2015133274-A1: Multilayer heat-conductive sheet, and manufacturing method for multilayer heat-conductive sheet patent, WO-2016031458-A1: Optical fiber device patent, WO-2016129044-A1: Cooling device and electronic apparatus patent, WO-2016148291-A1: Attachment sheet, helmet, goggles, and method for attaching anti-fog sheet patent, WO-2016158563-A1: Heat-treated steel wire having excellent bendability patent, WO-2017010534-A1: Photosensitive resin composition patent, WO-2017086261-A1: Air intake duct patent, WO-2017158988-A1: Cold working tool material and cold working tool manufacturing method patent, WO-2006117865-A1: Motor for electric power steering and electric power steering system using the same patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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